The Act Texts

Browse the AI Act final draft online using our AI Act Explorer

Final draft (2024)

On 21st January 2024, journalists such as Luca Bertuzzi, along with European Parliament staff members including Dr. Laura Caroli and Dan Nechita, publicly shared the latest draft of the AI Act. You can browse the latest version of the Act online using our AI Act Explorer, or access the PDFs below.


Depending on which version you saw, you had to navigate through hundreds or even up to a thousand pages. Below is a concise summary of the whole document for those who wish to get up to speed quickly.

Full draft text

Alternatively, you can view the full text of the final draft, including all Annexes and Recitals, at this link:

Commission draft (2021)

The original AI Act as proposed by the European Commission can be downloaded below. Here you can read the text in another language. Please note that the ‘Final draft’ of January 2024 as amended is the law that will likely enter into force, not the original draft below.

A summary presentation on the Act by the European Commission can be downloaded here


Please find the English version of the Annexes of the AI Act below. If you are looking for the Annexes in another European language, follow this link

The Annexes play an important role in how the proposed law works. For example, Annex III is particularly important, because only AI applications included in this Annex will have to abide by most of the Act’s requirements.

For the most up-to-date version of the Annexes, see the Final draft of the AI Act above, or use our AI Act Explorer.